Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Legacy Mountain Tour (pg 3)

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Left-right: Dori, Duncan, and Ean (front)

Dori's family

Dmitri and Sadie

Dmitri's family

Donatella, Nolan, Barney, and Etoile

Donatella's family

Donovan and Tammy

Donovan's family

Davis, Jill, Dennis, Ewan, Esteban, and Bonkers

Dennis' family

Derek, Priscilla, and Eli

Priscilla's family

Keith Vijayakar - engaged to Greek House placekeeper, Joy


Pao Mellon and his second family, Marylena and Nathaniel

Pao Mellon's second family

There are some Callihan young adults who have just left for college not pictured here. There are also two other families not pictured here, because at the moment, they do not play a pivotal role in Legacy Mountain.

Thank you for coming.

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Anonymous suzie sim said...

LOL! I love how you have them living on "Spare Lane"!
Dmitri & Sadie look cute - I can't wait to see their baby. :D
OH! And there's a "Go" house? Does that mean you had a Tosha around somewhere, or was that a different Go?

10:26 PM  

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